Russian vampire colony

One of the most credible sources online, for me, is this rather interesting guy, Douglas Dietrich, who once worked in the US military archives, giving him access to confidential official documents that were so top secret, they had to be incinerated regularly. It was actually his job to burn these documents, but because of the material he handled, he wrote down notes secretly before their disposal.

Aside from access to these sensitive files, Douglas also had personal experiences with black magicians in the US military. He has much to talk about, and I have yet to finish listening to his many online videos, which include his own regular shows.

I found this audio file recently of his 2009 guest interview for a paranormal radio show, where the hosts were apparently not familiar with his talkative style. He also discusses Count Dracula here.

I think this interview on mp3 format serves a good intro to Douglas and his wealth of incredible information, so if you’re a newbie to Douglas, I suggest you listen to this first, then the video link below.

Here is another radio interview that Douglas did, also in 2009, also on the same topic, but he also touches on werewolves.


I’ve also found an online video of him talking about zombies, which I have yet to listen to before sharing the link here… but of course, feel free to google that video yourself if you can’t wait for that future post, ha ha….

Btw, he also had an interview (more like a monologue, actually) with galactic historian Andrew Bartzis, where Douglas talked about the ghouls of the Arabian desert, and other dark creatures….

Frankly, anyone seriously researching the occult and paranormal phenomena, especially dark creatures, would need to study Douglas Dietrich’s material.




Power up!

I am writing this just before 3 a.m., but I do not hear any ik-ik flying by… 🙂

I can’t believe that this blog is almost three years old, and I’m sorry I let it stagnate for more than a year. I just checked the blog’s reader stats and saw that every month, this blog got some visits, mainly from people searching online using “aswang” or “wakwak.”

Obviously up to now, such creatures continue to bother human beings… Please do NOT be afraid of any vampire, werewolf, or zombie, or any other dark creature.

I hope that whatever I share in this blog is helpful and informative to readers, rather than making them afraid.

Knowledge is power. Google is your friend 🙂 please research, study, question, reflect, and think…

I can’t promise to be more active in this blog, as I continue to be busy hunting vampires and killing zombies. Just kidding! I’ll try to have at least one post a month. Please feel free to comment, and share your stories. Salamat po!

P.S. Hope you like the new theme!


The truth about werewolves and other “werecreatures”

Lycanthropes, or werecreatures, are actually humans that have gained the ability to alter their form into that of a specific type of beast. This power occurs as the result of having been afflicted with a disease known as lycanthropy. The most common and well documented of such individuals are werewolves, but many variations exist, including werebear, wererat, and weretiger.

In human form, these creatures appear to be the same as a normal human, although they may inherit subtle physical and behavioural traits in connection with their associated animal.

Contrary to popular belief, lycanthropes are not ruled by the cycle of the moon. While a full moon may increase the calling of the animalistic side of their nature, it’s merely a heightened awareness of an innate sense that exists in all living creatures.

A lycanthrope can assume animal form as required. After the change, it retains the thought processes of its human state but can no longer speak in its human tongue. Werecreatures can, however, communicate with other animals of their weretype, as well as be able to perform any abilities normally associated with them.

In addition to assuming human and animal form, some lycanthropes are able to halt their transformation before it is fully complete. This is usually a skill practiced by more aggressive individuals because it utilises the advantages of both forms. The strength, reflexes, and heightened senses of their animal side combined with the manual dexterity of a human makes for a dangerous adversary. Add to this combination such likelihoods as: a short temper, a craving for fresh meat, or even a headache, and you could be faced with a frenzied mass of fur, fangs, and claws.

Slowing down a lycanthrope that may have taken a disliking to the colour of your shirt is a less than straightforward process. When not in human form, these creatures can only be harmed through the use of silvered weapons or magic. Another useful piece of knowledge in these confrontations relates to a lycanthrope’s intolerance to a plant known as wolfsbane. Facing a creature that’s out for your blood may not seem the smartest course of action when brandishing nothing more than a sprig of vegetation, but contact with the plant is enough to stop a lycanthrope in its tracks and may even send it at full tilt in the opposite direction.

A lycanthrope has no use for weapons, and all attacks are made with teeth and claws. If killed, these creatures will revert back to their human form. Surviving an encounter with a lycanthrope may at first seem like a cause for celebration; but as you tend to your wounds, be wary of the creature’s legacy and the chance that it may have shared it with you. Whether you killed the beast or merely sent it packing is of no consequence. If it wounded you deep enough during the confrontation, it may well have infected you with lycanthropy.

An infected human will become a lycanthrope (of the type encountered) in anything from a couple of days to a few weeks. This duration depends on the depth of the infected wound and the victim’s general level of health. In most cases, symptoms do not usually begin to appear until half the time has elapsed. It is possible to have the infection removed through magical healing, but only if sought before the disease has fully taken hold. The treatment can be extremely expensive, but first someone with knowledge of the correct procedure must be found. This can be tricky, especially when you’re pushed for time.

It is perhaps worth noting that lycanthropy is a disease that only affects humans in this way. For dwarves, elves, and other such beings, once it has run its course, the infection proves to be fatal instead of turning them into a werecreature.

For some, a lycanthrope’s condition is not seen as a curse but as something to embrace. Druids (members of a religious sect that worships nature) aim to achieve and maintain a balance with all natural life. Their devotion to this cause allows them to use spells to further their work and to communicate with plants and animals. Some druids however strive to get even closer to nature and, seeing lycanthropy as being the tool for the job, they purposefully infect themselves with the disease.

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All the computers in St Ives’ library were just shut down

I walked home and was followed by a military helicopter

Needed to get a cup a tea down my neck and switch my brain off after this topic lol!

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Click HERE for source URL.

Video of TV docu on Sibale Island’s weird animal attacks

Sorry for the delay in posting the link to these two videos about the “Supermoon in Romblon,” a segment in the award-winning TV newsmagazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, or KMJS.

I was searching for the videos online until I found them at the Romblon News FB page. I’ll have to get someone to translate or give a recap of the report in English, asap.

Click HERE for part 1

Click HERE for part 2

I also collated some comments from the Facebook page of the KMJS, focusing on eyewitness accounts. Unfortunately they’re all in the vernacular, and again, will need translations asap. As usual there were bashers as well as believers.

Stay tuned!

“Shoot those dogs,” the governor said

Finally found the original news article where the governor of Romblon province, where Sibale island is located, gave his “shoot-on-sight” order.

I find it interesting that the governor himself wanted his investigative team to “determine whether the goats were killed by  wolves or by vampires disguised as dogs.” It shows an obvious, matter-of-fact belief in the existence of vampires (locally called aswang), but not of werewolves. The news report itself used the term “wolves.” It’s possible that because the goat killing did not happen on a full moon, that does scratch out the werewolf angle.

Therefore we’ll have to consider “vampire dogs” rather than werewolves, although, again, I am grateful that goats rather than humans are getting killed. Poor goats, though. It’s possible that there is only one vampire dog, and is therefore a human vampire, or aswang,  who shapeshifts into a dog, and that the aswang is avoiding killing humans.

Finally this case is getting TV news coverage tonight, August 17, Sunday, 7:45 pm PH time, according to the Facebook page of Romblon News, although am waiting for the official announcement from the TV news show cited, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

If it does get featured tonight, I’ll see if I can do some English translations asap since it’s bound to be done in Filipino.

New werewolf attack at Phil. island

I missed this article in my online search, which came out a day before I did my first werewolf report concerning Sibale Island in Romblon province in the Philippines. Maybe I was using the wrong search terms. Today I typed “Sibale goats” mainly to find out what happened there since the August 10 full moon, and this news article came out, from the provincial newspaper’s website.

The islanders are calling the attackers “vampire” dogs or werewolves… take your pick, at least these entities have only been killing animals rather than humans.

As the island’s mayor reported, “The goats were drained of blood. The predators took only the livers and hearts. The rest of the body were intact.”