“He looked like a zombie”

Fresh from Drudge Report is an article about a “crazed man covered in blood”  attacking a female in California. Watch the cellphone video before it gets pulled out…


Eyewitness account of a shapeshifter aswang

Sorry I can’t find the original FB post, but I found it elsewhere online,.. she was seen changing form, from a bird to a woman. The incident happened in Lucena, Quezon, which is near Laguna. This is the same female who supposedly killed the pregnant female in my post before this, “another aswang account.”

Zombies in Africa?

If news reports out of Liberia, Africa are accurate, about dead Ebola victims coming back to life, then maybe there is a reason why the USA’s own Center for Disease Control (CDC) wrote about Zombie Preparedness, as I blogged earlier.

Well, this kinda validates too what that supsersoldier James Casbolt and Mr. Former White Hat have been saying online about zombies and zombie outbreaks.

As Casbolt wrote in some forum somewhere about the zombie virus: The  virus comes from the mononegavirales order of viruses where rabies and Ebola originate. The virus is spread planet wide mainly through insects such as the Ixodidae tick into urban areas by rats, cats, dogs etc who have been bitten by an infected tick.”

Too bad they–whoever “they” are– took down Casbolt’s radio interview with Michael Hemmingson in March 2013, where Casbolt discussed zombies in Florida, and time travel and super soldiers.

More zombies in the USA

Someone compiled various news reports about humans behaving rather weirdly, in various areas in the USA… as of June this year. Click HERE for the article with the video.

If rhe zombie virus spreads faster and wider than Ebola… especially if you’re in the USA… or elsewhere… then click HERE for survival tips and click HERE for basic protection gear to stock up, for you and your fellow zombie-fighters including your loved ones, assuming nobody’s turned into a zombie yet or has been bitten (well, best to confine the bitten ones and, if you really love them, when you see them turning… do them and survivors a favor and kill them yourself).

Click HERE to know more about how the zombie virus and the stages of infection. Not ALL who are bitten turn into zombies.


Zombies in the USA

Here are some eyewitness accounts of zombie-like humans, in the past few years.

The first account is of a woman caught on cam, Toledo, Ohio. Unfortunately, the video seems to have been taken down since then, but screenshots with captions have been provided. She was desperately hungry for… McNuggets!

At least no face-eating, such as this zombie.attack in Florida, based on eyewitness reports called in to 911. A similar case has been reported, also in the same state.