Pepper power versus dark creatures

“Forget garlic, holy crosses and silver bullets. Chiles were often considered the best deterrent against vampires and werewolves. They were burned to protect against attacks from these creatures of the night.”–Pepper Mythology: Flavorsome Folklore


The truth about werewolves and other “werecreatures”

Lycanthropes, or werecreatures, are actually humans that have gained the ability to alter their form into that of a specific type of beast. This power occurs as the result of having been afflicted with a disease known as lycanthropy. The most common and well documented of such individuals are werewolves, but many variations exist, including werebear, wererat, and weretiger.

In human form, these creatures appear to be the same as a normal human, although they may inherit subtle physical and behavioural traits in connection with their associated animal.

Contrary to popular belief, lycanthropes are not ruled by the cycle of the moon. While a full moon may increase the calling of the animalistic side of their nature, it’s merely a heightened awareness of an innate sense that exists in all living creatures.

A lycanthrope can assume animal form as required. After the change, it retains the thought processes of its human state but can no longer speak in its human tongue. Werecreatures can, however, communicate with other animals of their weretype, as well as be able to perform any abilities normally associated with them.

In addition to assuming human and animal form, some lycanthropes are able to halt their transformation before it is fully complete. This is usually a skill practiced by more aggressive individuals because it utilises the advantages of both forms. The strength, reflexes, and heightened senses of their animal side combined with the manual dexterity of a human makes for a dangerous adversary. Add to this combination such likelihoods as: a short temper, a craving for fresh meat, or even a headache, and you could be faced with a frenzied mass of fur, fangs, and claws.

Slowing down a lycanthrope that may have taken a disliking to the colour of your shirt is a less than straightforward process. When not in human form, these creatures can only be harmed through the use of silvered weapons or magic. Another useful piece of knowledge in these confrontations relates to a lycanthrope’s intolerance to a plant known as wolfsbane. Facing a creature that’s out for your blood may not seem the smartest course of action when brandishing nothing more than a sprig of vegetation, but contact with the plant is enough to stop a lycanthrope in its tracks and may even send it at full tilt in the opposite direction.

A lycanthrope has no use for weapons, and all attacks are made with teeth and claws. If killed, these creatures will revert back to their human form. Surviving an encounter with a lycanthrope may at first seem like a cause for celebration; but as you tend to your wounds, be wary of the creature’s legacy and the chance that it may have shared it with you. Whether you killed the beast or merely sent it packing is of no consequence. If it wounded you deep enough during the confrontation, it may well have infected you with lycanthropy.

An infected human will become a lycanthrope (of the type encountered) in anything from a couple of days to a few weeks. This duration depends on the depth of the infected wound and the victim’s general level of health. In most cases, symptoms do not usually begin to appear until half the time has elapsed. It is possible to have the infection removed through magical healing, but only if sought before the disease has fully taken hold. The treatment can be extremely expensive, but first someone with knowledge of the correct procedure must be found. This can be tricky, especially when you’re pushed for time.

It is perhaps worth noting that lycanthropy is a disease that only affects humans in this way. For dwarves, elves, and other such beings, once it has run its course, the infection proves to be fatal instead of turning them into a werecreature.

For some, a lycanthrope’s condition is not seen as a curse but as something to embrace. Druids (members of a religious sect that worships nature) aim to achieve and maintain a balance with all natural life. Their devotion to this cause allows them to use spells to further their work and to communicate with plants and animals. Some druids however strive to get even closer to nature and, seeing lycanthropy as being the tool for the job, they purposefully infect themselves with the disease.

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More aswang info from the Philippines

Found a blogger based in Davao province, in the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines… most likely of indigenous ancestry, as the term “lumad” in his blog name suggests. 

He has a contributor called Maningning, whose well-researched and nicely written posts about aswang can be found HERE. She also wrote about how to defend oneself from these dark creatures. Unfortunately all her posts were done in October 2012, and nothing since then… 

Vampires of a different kind and another world

Alex:  . . . the Greys are trying to create a subrace that is a blend between human culture, the human race, and their race.

Rick: Kind of a hybrid.

Alex: Exactly. They’re not being very successful. One of the things that they’re trying to do is they’re really looking for the soul. They don’t understand the soul. They don’t understand our extremes of emotions as well, because they’re very, very different from us. There’re experiments that haven’t been all that successful.

There are a lot of emotional problems with that, with what they’re doing, because what really makes a human being is our essence, the spirit that animates the physical form. There’s also another factor, and that is that they actually feed off the energy—they’re vampires.

Rick: The Zeta Reticulan greys?

Alex: The greys, right. They’re vampires.

Rick: Is this where we get our vampire legends, a lot of our vampire legends?

Alex: I don’t know about that. I don’t know if that has to do with it. I don’t really know. I wouldn’t be surprised, to be perfectly honest with you; but they feed off the energy. They can even bottle the energy and use it for later times. They’re also stealing the vital bodies of human beings and storing it. So they’re just doing some really horrific things here that others just simply wouldn’t conceive of doing

Rick: Are you familiar with Salvador Versado?

Alex: No, never heard of him.

Rick: He’s a gentleman who proposes that—he’s a former Jesuit priest who proposes that coliseum-type sporting events are used to vampire energy off their crowds.

Alex: I wouldn’t at all be surprised. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Rick: He said the sacrifice of human beings in some ancient civilizations here on Earth was a form of belief system that was set up for these beings to vampire energy off of . . .

What should a human being do if they encounter a renegade Zeta Reticulan? What would your advice be?

Alex: Stand in your truth. If you can’t run, stand in your truth. And just look at ’em. If they try to project their thoughts into your head, you just stand firm with who you are. And you say, “NO! You are NOT coming into my head! You are NOT taking me over! And you are NOT, NOT going to violate my free will! I don’t give a damn who you are. Leave me alone. Period!”

Because if it’s a benevolent, they will not try to do it. They will not try to take you over. They will not try to put crap into your head so they can feed off of your fear. Period.


[Here is the portion of Rick’s interview with Alex that mentions the Greys as vampires–Editor]

[Here is the entire interview, to contextualize the info. Quoted portion above starts at 59:00–Editor]

Backgrounder from the videomaker Rick, about how he met Alex, his interviewee:

In October 1994, Tim Beckley held a spectacular UFO-New Age- Metaphysical conference in Phoenix, and Maritza and I traveled up to Phoenix, with pages of prepared questions for most of the speakers at the event, questions that I had prepared weeks before. I researched thoroughly so that whomever I was able to gain an interview with, I had all my research and questions prepared already so that I could get really intelligent, flowing interviews direct from the source.

My personal approach was also very different from that of “UFOAZ.” I did not feel the need to play devil’s advocate. My goal was to present sincere, well-educated individuals to a larger audience who may not otherwise have a platform to view their findings in the field of UFO research and related fields of study. I wanted to present the work of these individuals in such a way as to give their viewpoint a sincerely open-minded look without the typical debunking and ridicule present in most media forums.

In my style of presentation, the greatest opportunity is given for speakers to present their full stories without derogation, and allow the viewer to hear a presentation in its fullest form, and especially to allow the viewer to make up their own mind, without being told by another “authority” or “expert” how to think about what the speaker has presented.

When I make my documentaries, subtitles, cues, and short summaries of ideas are often “fonted” over a speaker or image in order to help those audience members who may be new to the subject matter in order to keep up with what are often very detailed, specific esoteric points, and also in an effort to make clear references when pronouns are being used, so that the information is most clearly understood. In this manner, I present the speaker directly to the audience without filtration, in the purest attempt at direct communication of each speaker’s ideas.

Within minutes of strolling the vendor’s tables at Beckley’s conference, and keeping an eye out for my most desired interview subjects, I saw a man stroll in that I most wanted to interview. “UFOAZ” had interviewed him earlier, but I had not been a part of that interview. I took his information much more seriously than the lead host of “UFOAZ,” and I really wanted to ask him deeper, more penetrating questions.

That man was Alex Collier, who claimed to be a contactee. His information had touched not only my intellect, but my intuition. I approached Alex and introduced myself, and found that he was just checking into the hotel. I asked him for an interview, and he immediately agreed, and within ten minutes of knowing him, I filmed what has become known as “UFO Hypotheses: Alex Collier Volume One” I hope that some of you have seen this interview already. If YouTube is any indication, nearly half a million people have seen it. When Maritza and I presented this DVD at the International UFO Congress in 2007, we were literally swarmed by scores of people for this DVD. For some reason, it really connects with a lot of people.

More zombies in the USA

Someone compiled various news reports about humans behaving rather weirdly, in various areas in the USA… as of June this year. Click HERE for the article with the video.

If rhe zombie virus spreads faster and wider than Ebola… especially if you’re in the USA… or elsewhere… then click HERE for survival tips and click HERE for basic protection gear to stock up, for you and your fellow zombie-fighters including your loved ones, assuming nobody’s turned into a zombie yet or has been bitten (well, best to confine the bitten ones and, if you really love them, when you see them turning… do them and survivors a favor and kill them yourself).

Click HERE to know more about how the zombie virus and the stages of infection. Not ALL who are bitten turn into zombies.


5 tips versus night entities

NOTE: A friend recently emailed me this article below, which she had written soon after her firsthand encounter with vampires in the Philippines, where they are called “aswang,” “wakwak,” “ik-ik,” etc. Her article inspired me to come up with a blog that discusses such creatures, and how human beings can deal with them bravely and successfully. 

Anyway, my friend who sent this article is one smart and well-educated lady, so I have no doubt of the veracity of her firsthand experience. She and I are on the same page when it comes to dark creatures: they do exist as part of the “Other Side,” or OS; they view humans as a food source; and yes, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones against them. Be not  afraid!–Editor

As a young child, I was not particularly afraid of the dark nor of entities that go bump in the night. That’s because I believed that the only thing one should fear is harboring fear in your body. That is when these “dark beings,” or “entities,” as they are called, might have an easy hold on you and can terrorize you.

Until I had an encounter with one of those dark entities lately and made me think not just twice but several times about dealing with these dark beings 😉

The encounter happened a week after Typhoon Glenda wreaked havoc in the sleepy quiet town where I currently live. Surrounded by trees, vast rice fields and a majestic, lush mountain near by, it was such an idyllic place to be parked in for my writing pursuits.

Anyway, like in any sleepy town in the Philippines, I encountered some of the local, old-timer senior residents. One of them is Aling Meding (not her real name). About seventy years old, Aling Meding is one of the town’s long-time catechism volunteer teachers, a post she has been gladly fulfilling for more than thirty years or so.

Aling Meding also is known locally as one of only three catechists in this town capable of helping the local parish priest in executing exorcism among its Catholic members. This capability became a specialty of Aling Meding ever since, according to her, she did have an encounter with a “local aswang.”

At the time of her supernatural encounter, Aling Meding recounts to me that she was only in her late twenties but already active in teaching catechism in her local town. This encounter occurred at her ancestral home. The said aswang, with red eyes, batlike wings, sharp talons, and even wearing a woman’s blouse, perched on the windowsill of her home and attempted to get inside her house. With a broom, Aling Meding fought off the winged creature until it flew away.

Because of my acquaintance with Aling Meding, I was introduced to the world of aswangs, wakwaks and ek-eks or ik-iks in this idyllic little town. For your information, a wakwak is a Visayan term  for a vampiric creature of the night who is so called because of the sound it makes (“Wak! Wak!”) while flapping its wings at night, in the search for pregnant women or sick people as food.

As for the ek-ek, Philippine folklore particularly in the Visayas region says it is a type of aswang with birdlike wings and a beak and flies around with the sound “Ek! Ek!” Local belief says that the louder you hear the ek-ek call out, the farther it is from you, and vice versa. But from my experience and from my trusted sources, it is undoubtedly, a birdlike reptilian that acts as a “spy” and/or a vanguard for the Other Side (OS), when they come visiting.

Normally the aswangs, wakwaks, and ik-iks alike, being reptilian in nature, can smell fear that it feeds on, just like the OS. [NOTE: Here’s a video interview that explains what reptilians really are, and what they’re really after. Here’s reliable info about Alex Collier, the guy being interviewed.–Ed.]

And so my story starts a week after Typhoon Glenda uprooted and leveled trees in our town, and basically downed our electricity and water. Because there was no electricity, we had to contend with the pitch-black darkness around the house after 6 p.m. Everyone made it a point to be home by sundown.

It was one of these evenings a week after the typhoon that I was sitting before a small writing table at the second floor window of my little bedroom. Leading out from my room on the second floor was a little veranda that extended in front of my little glass window. It was late at night already, around half past 11 p.m., and as usual, it was pitch black outside with no moon whatsoever. I was working at my little table beside the window when I heard the “ek-ek” of what I thought was a batlike creature.

I was not unfamiliar with bats, since they would practically go past by my house in the metropolis in the early, early morning. So I wasn’t alarmed when I heard the same bat go fly nearby with the same “ek-ek” sound. Now, bats are said to be blind, and the reason why they make sounds is because they can ascertain distance by how far their sound travels.

But this bat creature was different! At first, the “Ek-ek!” sounded like the bat was flying past. Then, it started making the sound just right in front of my glass window. I stood up several times to peek but couldn’t see anything because of the darkness.

So after several times hearing that ek-ek sound so close in front of my glass window, I stood up and made my special black pepper concoction and sprinkled it in front of the window. The ek-ek somehow, sensing a bit of my agitation, flew to the other glass window on the side of my room. Apparently it was trying to get in.

So I did my silver light visualization and directed that toward the windows and all around the house for protection against these dark entities.

What is the learning from this encounter? Definitely one has to do the following preparations for such an incident not to occur again:

  1. Prepare a concoction of black pepper (I prefer mine cracked), salt and a pinch of cinnamon to be sprinkled in all entrances to your room, particularly in front and behind windows and doors.
  2. Visualize silvery-white light enveloping inside and outside your room, as well as the surroundings of your abode.
  3. Chant or pray, whichever prayer will strengthen your faith and will.
  4. Believe that you are Love and because you are Love personified and that everything on this 3D planet is Love, then there is nothing to fear.
  5. It is natural to feel afraid and stressed out. Just remind yourself that this is a product of the OS. Do not internalize fear! The OS can smell that. Do your fear processing exercise [here’s a transcript of the video meditation–Ed.] regularly.

The following day, I sprinkled my concoction around my room and the veranda, did my silvery-white light and chanted. And to date, I have not had a very close and major encounter with the ek-ek anymore (I get a single squeak once a day ago but not more than that 😉