Zombies in Africa?

If news reports out of Liberia, Africa are accurate, about dead Ebola victims coming back to life, then maybe there is a reason why the USA’s own Center for Disease Control (CDC) wrote about Zombie Preparedness, as I blogged earlier.

Well, this kinda validates too what that supsersoldier James Casbolt and Mr. Former White Hat have been saying online about zombies and zombie outbreaks.

As Casbolt wrote in some forum somewhere about the zombie virus: The  virus comes from the mononegavirales order of viruses where rabies and Ebola originate. The virus is spread planet wide mainly through insects such as the Ixodidae tick into urban areas by rats, cats, dogs etc who have been bitten by an infected tick.”

Too bad they–whoever “they” are– took down Casbolt’s radio interview with Michael Hemmingson in March 2013, where Casbolt discussed zombies in Florida, and time travel and super soldiers.


Saw a human become a wolf

[I found this anecdote in the Comments section of a post on werewolves and zombies, by an ex-intel guy called FWH, or “former white hat,” whose info might seem crazy to the average person, but I sense he’s legit and so is his info–well, I’m above average in that sense then 🙂 Let your intuition guide you.–Editor]


August 10, 2013 at 6:58 pm

wolves… once upon a time… I came to witness a man change into a wolf- twice i witnessed this in the span of 5 minutes. He changed from a black man into a wolf- the whole head. Jaws, eyes- all of it. This was not recent- almost 10 years ago, I think…. It took me weeks to get away from ‘them’… and than I was found- again… and than I ran away- again… Not that they can’t find me- I stand out in a crowd lol.

i found this FWH blog-site thing about 3 hours ago- fyi. I am such a noob to this site and I have no frigging clue where to even begin….

wolves u say….. where do i go from here. it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it. (sigh)

Recommended websites

I like this website… it seems like it wants to be considered only for its “entertainment” value, but I think it’s just a coverup for the real deal. What do you think?

Meanwhile, this other website makes no bones about being the real deal. The blog author warns about the Zombie Wars, and he talks more about werewolves and zombies, rather than vampires.

I recommend reading these two websites carefully, as well as their links, to get down-to-earth information about these dark creatures, so you will know best how to deal with them. Knowledge is power!

Werewolves report in the Phils. goes mainstream and international

A google search of “werewolves Manila Standard” showed that the report originally published on July 11 in the website of a Philippine news outfit was picked up by other online news media based in Australia, Turkey, UK  and the UAE.

A cursory look at the homepages of these media outfits show that they are, like Manila Standard, are generally for mainstream, average readers. Only the Australian website had the sensationalist, tabloid flavor.

I wonder how the island folk are going to deal with the coming full moon, on August 11, exact at 2:10 a.m. in the Philippines. They should stock up on lots of silver bullets.

I also wonder why no major broadcasting/news outfits in the PH have not covered this, considering that ABS-CBN featured the island as a summer destination last May, two months before the news report. Hmmm, maybe they are doing a special shoot there this weekend just on the werewolves issue.

The island folk are lucky that only goats have been killed by these dark creatures, because over in Canada, they go after people. And one such werewolf is a werewolf clone.