Vampires of a different kind and another world

Alex:  . . . the Greys are trying to create a subrace that is a blend between human culture, the human race, and their race.

Rick: Kind of a hybrid.

Alex: Exactly. They’re not being very successful. One of the things that they’re trying to do is they’re really looking for the soul. They don’t understand the soul. They don’t understand our extremes of emotions as well, because they’re very, very different from us. There’re experiments that haven’t been all that successful.

There are a lot of emotional problems with that, with what they’re doing, because what really makes a human being is our essence, the spirit that animates the physical form. There’s also another factor, and that is that they actually feed off the energy—they’re vampires.

Rick: The Zeta Reticulan greys?

Alex: The greys, right. They’re vampires.

Rick: Is this where we get our vampire legends, a lot of our vampire legends?

Alex: I don’t know about that. I don’t know if that has to do with it. I don’t really know. I wouldn’t be surprised, to be perfectly honest with you; but they feed off the energy. They can even bottle the energy and use it for later times. They’re also stealing the vital bodies of human beings and storing it. So they’re just doing some really horrific things here that others just simply wouldn’t conceive of doing

Rick: Are you familiar with Salvador Versado?

Alex: No, never heard of him.

Rick: He’s a gentleman who proposes that—he’s a former Jesuit priest who proposes that coliseum-type sporting events are used to vampire energy off their crowds.

Alex: I wouldn’t at all be surprised. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Rick: He said the sacrifice of human beings in some ancient civilizations here on Earth was a form of belief system that was set up for these beings to vampire energy off of . . .

What should a human being do if they encounter a renegade Zeta Reticulan? What would your advice be?

Alex: Stand in your truth. If you can’t run, stand in your truth. And just look at ’em. If they try to project their thoughts into your head, you just stand firm with who you are. And you say, “NO! You are NOT coming into my head! You are NOT taking me over! And you are NOT, NOT going to violate my free will! I don’t give a damn who you are. Leave me alone. Period!”

Because if it’s a benevolent, they will not try to do it. They will not try to take you over. They will not try to put crap into your head so they can feed off of your fear. Period.


[Here is the portion of Rick’s interview with Alex that mentions the Greys as vampires–Editor]

[Here is the entire interview, to contextualize the info. Quoted portion above starts at 59:00–Editor]

Backgrounder from the videomaker Rick, about how he met Alex, his interviewee:

In October 1994, Tim Beckley held a spectacular UFO-New Age- Metaphysical conference in Phoenix, and Maritza and I traveled up to Phoenix, with pages of prepared questions for most of the speakers at the event, questions that I had prepared weeks before. I researched thoroughly so that whomever I was able to gain an interview with, I had all my research and questions prepared already so that I could get really intelligent, flowing interviews direct from the source.

My personal approach was also very different from that of “UFOAZ.” I did not feel the need to play devil’s advocate. My goal was to present sincere, well-educated individuals to a larger audience who may not otherwise have a platform to view their findings in the field of UFO research and related fields of study. I wanted to present the work of these individuals in such a way as to give their viewpoint a sincerely open-minded look without the typical debunking and ridicule present in most media forums.

In my style of presentation, the greatest opportunity is given for speakers to present their full stories without derogation, and allow the viewer to hear a presentation in its fullest form, and especially to allow the viewer to make up their own mind, without being told by another “authority” or “expert” how to think about what the speaker has presented.

When I make my documentaries, subtitles, cues, and short summaries of ideas are often “fonted” over a speaker or image in order to help those audience members who may be new to the subject matter in order to keep up with what are often very detailed, specific esoteric points, and also in an effort to make clear references when pronouns are being used, so that the information is most clearly understood. In this manner, I present the speaker directly to the audience without filtration, in the purest attempt at direct communication of each speaker’s ideas.

Within minutes of strolling the vendor’s tables at Beckley’s conference, and keeping an eye out for my most desired interview subjects, I saw a man stroll in that I most wanted to interview. “UFOAZ” had interviewed him earlier, but I had not been a part of that interview. I took his information much more seriously than the lead host of “UFOAZ,” and I really wanted to ask him deeper, more penetrating questions.

That man was Alex Collier, who claimed to be a contactee. His information had touched not only my intellect, but my intuition. I approached Alex and introduced myself, and found that he was just checking into the hotel. I asked him for an interview, and he immediately agreed, and within ten minutes of knowing him, I filmed what has become known as “UFO Hypotheses: Alex Collier Volume One” I hope that some of you have seen this interview already. If YouTube is any indication, nearly half a million people have seen it. When Maritza and I presented this DVD at the International UFO Congress in 2007, we were literally swarmed by scores of people for this DVD. For some reason, it really connects with a lot of people.