Russian vampire colony

One of the most credible sources online, for me, is this rather interesting guy, Douglas Dietrich, who once worked in the US military archives, giving him access to confidential official documents that were so top secret, they had to be incinerated regularly. It was actually his job to burn these documents, but because of the material he handled, he wrote down notes secretly before their disposal.

Aside from access to these sensitive files, Douglas also had personal experiences with black magicians in the US military. He has much to talk about, and I have yet to finish listening to his many online videos, which include his own regular shows.

I found this audio file recently of his 2009 guest interview for a paranormal radio show, where the hosts were apparently not familiar with his talkative style. He also discusses Count Dracula here.

I think this interview on mp3 format serves a good intro to Douglas and his wealth of incredible information, so if you’re a newbie to Douglas, I suggest you listen to this first, then the video link below.

Here is another radio interview that Douglas did, also in 2009, also on the same topic, but he also touches on werewolves.


I’ve also found an online video of him talking about zombies, which I have yet to listen to before sharing the link here… but of course, feel free to google that video yourself if you can’t wait for that future post, ha ha….

Btw, he also had an interview (more like a monologue, actually) with galactic historian Andrew Bartzis, where Douglas talked about the ghouls of the Arabian desert, and other dark creatures….

Frankly, anyone seriously researching the occult and paranormal phenomena, especially dark creatures, would need to study Douglas Dietrich’s material.




Zombies in Africa?

If news reports out of Liberia, Africa are accurate, about dead Ebola victims coming back to life, then maybe there is a reason why the USA’s own Center for Disease Control (CDC) wrote about Zombie Preparedness, as I blogged earlier.

Well, this kinda validates too what that supsersoldier James Casbolt and Mr. Former White Hat have been saying online about zombies and zombie outbreaks.

As Casbolt wrote in some forum somewhere about the zombie virus: The  virus comes from the mononegavirales order of viruses where rabies and Ebola originate. The virus is spread planet wide mainly through insects such as the Ixodidae tick into urban areas by rats, cats, dogs etc who have been bitten by an infected tick.”

Too bad they–whoever “they” are– took down Casbolt’s radio interview with Michael Hemmingson in March 2013, where Casbolt discussed zombies in Florida, and time travel and super soldiers.