“Shoot those dogs,” the governor said

Finally found the original news article where the governor of Romblon province, where Sibale island is located, gave his “shoot-on-sight” order.

I find it interesting that the governor himself wanted his investigative team to “determine whether the goats were killed by  wolves or by vampires disguised as dogs.” It shows an obvious, matter-of-fact belief in the existence of vampires (locally called aswang), but not of werewolves. The news report itself used the term “wolves.” It’s possible that because the goat killing did not happen on a full moon, that does scratch out the werewolf angle.

Therefore we’ll have to consider “vampire dogs” rather than werewolves, although, again, I am grateful that goats rather than humans are getting killed. Poor goats, though. It’s possible that there is only one vampire dog, and is therefore a human vampire, or aswang,  who shapeshifts into a dog, and that the aswang is avoiding killing humans.

Finally this case is getting TV news coverage tonight, August 17, Sunday, 7:45 pm PH time, according to the Facebook page of Romblon News, although am waiting for the official announcement from the TV news show cited, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

If it does get featured tonight, I’ll see if I can do some English translations asap since it’s bound to be done in Filipino.


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