Werewolves report in the Phils. goes mainstream and international

A google search of “werewolves Manila Standard” showed that the report originally published on July 11 in the website of a Philippine news outfit was picked up by other online news media based in Australia, Turkey, UK  and the UAE.

A cursory look at the homepages of these media outfits show that they are, like Manila Standard, are generally for mainstream, average readers. Only the Australian website had the sensationalist, tabloid flavor.

I wonder how the island folk are going to deal with the coming full moon, on August 11, exact at 2:10 a.m. in the Philippines. They should stock up on lots of silver bullets.

I also wonder why no major broadcasting/news outfits in the PH have not covered this, considering that ABS-CBN featured the island as a summer destination last May, two months before the news report. Hmmm, maybe they are doing a special shoot there this weekend just on the werewolves issue.

The island folk are lucky that only goats have been killed by these dark creatures, because over in Canada, they go after people. And one such werewolf is a werewolf clone.


One thought on “Werewolves report in the Phils. goes mainstream and international

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