Russian vampire colony

One of the most credible sources online, for me, is this rather interesting guy, Douglas Dietrich, who once worked in the US military archives, giving him access to confidential official documents that were so top secret, they had to be incinerated regularly. It was actually his job to burn these documents, but because of the material he handled, he wrote down notes secretly before their disposal.

Aside from access to these sensitive files, Douglas also had personal experiences with black magicians in the US military. He has much to talk about, and I have yet to finish listening to his many online videos, which include his own regular shows.

I found this audio file recently of his 2009 guest interview for a paranormal radio show, where the hosts were apparently not familiar with his talkative style. He also discusses Count Dracula here.

I think this interview on mp3 format serves a good intro to Douglas and his wealth of incredible information, so if you’re a newbie to Douglas, I suggest you listen to this first, then the video link below.

Here is another radio interview that Douglas did, also in 2009, also on the same topic, but he also touches on werewolves.


I’ve also found an online video of him talking about zombies, which I have yet to listen to before sharing the link here… but of course, feel free to google that video yourself if you can’t wait for that future post, ha ha….

Btw, he also had an interview (more like a monologue, actually) with galactic historian Andrew Bartzis, where Douglas talked about the ghouls of the Arabian desert, and other dark creatures….

Frankly, anyone seriously researching the occult and paranormal phenomena, especially dark creatures, would need to study Douglas Dietrich’s material.




Be careful when “sending” energy

An interesting take on energy vampires…

The “highest” vampires, literally feed on humans through a spiritual soul-capturing process. These people can’t do that because the stronger of the vampire network have kicked them out years ago and so they have to resort to pulling from people here and there and they live just about as long as a person who eats a regular meat diet when they do that. Some wise up to their ancient ways and realize they can target people directly based on psychological trauma or emotional weakness and these are what are known as “energy vampires” in the public today.

Power up!

I am writing this just before 3 a.m., but I do not hear any ik-ik flying by… 🙂

I can’t believe that this blog is almost three years old, and I’m sorry I let it stagnate for more than a year. I just checked the blog’s reader stats and saw that every month, this blog got some visits, mainly from people searching online using “aswang” or “wakwak.”

Obviously up to now, such creatures continue to bother human beings… Please do NOT be afraid of any vampire, werewolf, or zombie, or any other dark creature.

I hope that whatever I share in this blog is helpful and informative to readers, rather than making them afraid.

Knowledge is power. Google is your friend 🙂 please research, study, question, reflect, and think…

I can’t promise to be more active in this blog, as I continue to be busy hunting vampires and killing zombies. Just kidding! I’ll try to have at least one post a month. Please feel free to comment, and share your stories. Salamat po!

P.S. Hope you like the new theme!


Cannibal… or vampire?

Please do not read this article while you’re eating, or if you’ve just eaten… you’ve been warned!

The perpretrator has been called a cannibal killer, in this face-chewing attack, where  the victim died… but I suspect the guy, a newly-released prisoner, was possessed by a vampiric entity. Due to his drug and alcohol abuse, he had become spiritually vulnerable… he had been diagnosed a schizophrenic, which is usually a scientific way to hide a case of demonic possession.

Another aswang tale

Mysterious animal deaths in a place near Metro Manila… eyewitnesses report seeing a huge dog-like creature in the area.

Later, a man with his face covered was interviewed, and he said as a child growing up in Mindanao island, he was told that his grandfather was an aswang. He himself saw his grandfather shapeshift into a pig.

Scientists were also interviewed to give their explanations debunking, as expected, the existence of aswang.